My First Post to No One

I’m here to talk Software Architecture. Specifically, the journey of truly visualizing what good architecture looks like and understanding why it is what the industry would consider “good”. I’m no expert, but In my 5 years of being a Software Web Developer, I’ve spent a lot of it trying to figure out the hidden formula. The hidden formula of knowing when you are on the wrong course and how to correct it. How to prevent applications from turning into the “big ball of mud”. There are some good resources on the topic, but they too often they give you the answer and skip over the thought process.

Range of topics were going to attempt to cover:

  • Actual Real World Problems
    • Such as handling conflicting requirements, determining the better of two implementations or resorting to bad practice because no other solution seems to exist.
  • The Best Resources on Clean Architecture
    • Because It’s important to sift through the fluff and get to the substance.
  • Algorithms, Processes and Strategies
    • We are all seeking a repeatable process that produces the desired result. It’s something I’ve been seeking for quality software architecture. Wish me luck in finding it.
  • Common problems and helpful tricks on how to get better at our profession
    • Because in any subset of the industry, these are helpful. And any time a good solution is found, it is it worth documenting.


We’ll try to get specific but stay simple. I’m going to try to stay on topic, but no promises.

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